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Ms. Kreiger and KMRG have been working on several videos regarding the frustrations of online learning. We created these videos with discussion in mind, giving students an opportunity to share. We recognize that some of this may feel dated as we are returning with combined cohorts next month but for those students remaining online, we hope this to be a chance to perhaps vent a little. For those students returning to in-person learning, these discussions might be a way to reset after the long slog that has been distance learning

Each video has a dramatic piece detailing an aspect of distance learning followed by a brief discussion between a counselor and the student in the video. Our first video piece highlights the difficulties some students have when parents forget they need to "be" in class, having them perform chores or help out younger siblings.

Here are some possible questions for discussion.

  • Have you experienced something similar?
  • How has e-learning changed family dynamics in your home?
  • How have your own responsibilities changed?
  • Have you experienced a greater awareness and appreciation of the work other family members do?
  • How do you deal with these situations?