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Read… and Be Happy!

Participate in the February Read-A-Thon! Check-out books from the library and have fun with our reading themed events and games!


  • Onesie Day -Friday February 28th
    • All proceeds go to the Tracy Vsetecka Scholarship
  • Book to Movie Day- During Lunch and Advisory on February 25th and 26th
    • Must check-out a book from the library to participate


  • Books in a Jar- One each week
    • Guess what book has been shredded in a jar! There will be a new book each week in the library. Those who guess the correct title will be put in a drawing to win a book of their choice.
  • Teacher’s Favorite Book: The Matching Game- February 27th during advisory
    •    To celebrate Digital Learning Day students will get the chance to play a matching game. If they can match each chosen teacher with their favorite book they will be put in a drawing for a prize

Top Reader:

          Celebrate the love of reading with us by reading books from the library. The student who reads the most books from the library in the month of February will win a gift card.