Whatever It Takes/PLC

Whatever It Takes PLC

What is PLC?

Mesa Ridge is a Professional Learning Community (PLC). That staff at Mesa Ridge will do WHATEVER IT TAKES (WIT) to increase student achievement. Targeted and specific interventions are used with students that are demonstrating difficulty with success at Mesa Ridge. Student learning is the purpose of Mesa Ridge High School. Therefore we need a means of researching and implementing "Best Practices." We are committed to working together to achieve this purpose.
We, as teams, must seek and use relevant student achievement data to promote continuous improvement.

What does PLC look like?


As a Professional Learning Community (PLC) we provide time for teacher collaboration to attain high student achievement, high quality solutions to problems and team support.

Teachers will have Collaborate to Plan time on weeks one and three of each month to work with their PLC team to look at data, lesson plan, and talk about best practices with their colleagues.  Students in these teacher’s classes will be given early lunch to allow the teachers to collaborate.

Department PLC Days:

  • Monday - Math/Performing Arts
  • Tuesday - English/Business
  • Wednesday - Science/PE/Health
  • Thursday - Social Studies/World Language
  • Friday - SPED/Vocation/Art/Family and Consumer Studies

Week Two and Four Incentives

Student’s will earn incentives for week two and four each month.  Weeks two and four incentive will be provided and recognized by the teachers per their department agreement.  Most incentive will be based on students’ academic grades in their classes and following Advisory procedures and expectations. Week four Friday incentive is any student that earns a Grizzly Way card from a staff member can use it to get out of Advisory and go to early lunch.  The student will show the teacher, teacher will sign and date, and student has to turn it into Administration when they enter into the early lunch area. Students will place their Grizzly Way card in the incentive box of their choice. There will be drawing each month for additional prizes donated by local businesses in the community.