Student and Parent Information

Graduation Requirements


  • WSD3 Credit Requirements 

    POLICY: Graduation Requirements DISTRICT CODE: IKF


CDE Minimum Competency Requirements

Menu of Options:                           English:                         Math:   

  •  SAT                                            470                             500
  •  ASVAB                                        31                               31
  • ACT                                             18                                19
  • Accuplacer                                  62 on reading              61 on elementary
  •                                                     comprehension                   algebra
  • ACT Work Keys                           Bronze or higher         Bronze or higher
  • Advanced Placement                   2                                  2
  • Concurrent Enrollment                Passing per district higher education policy
  • Industry Certificate                            District Approved Programs
  • Capstone Projects                            District Approved Programs 
  • Courses w/ Embedded Portfolio       District Approved Programs




Absenses & Homework

MRHS Homework Procedure:

Counseling Center will request homework for a student that is absent three days in a row and did not have the time to complete the pre-arranged absence process.  Per parent request.

Teachers are given 24-hour notice to allow them adequate time to gather homework. 

Parent may request homework for a student who is absent for two weeks (10 days) due to extenuating circumstances (i.e. medical related, loss of a family member, etc...).  Additional homework past 10 days will not be collected until previous work has been submitted to the Counseling Center.  At that time, the parent must contact the Dean of Students for approval for additional homework. 

This procedure applies to students who are absent three days or more consecutively.  If a student comes back one day, the process starts over.  In this situation, the student is responsible for obtaining a Triple Advisory pass from the Attendance office.  The Triple Advisory pass provides the student with the opportunity to communicate with teachers and collect homework.  


Teachers please make sure that when a student and/or parent request homework due to an unforeseen circumstance (pre-arranged absence procedure has not been completed) they are referred to the Counseling Center to submit a homework request.  Students who are absent longer than two weeks (10 days) will need to submit their completed homework to the Counseling Center for tracking purposes.

Students that are absent five school days or more, should be given an “M” for assignments that are missing due to being absent.  A student will have two days to make-up work for each day absent.  This provides and accurate reflection of student’s grade.


Counseling Center: (719)391-3631

Attendance Office: (719)391-3600

Dean of Students: (719)391-3615

Mental Health & Community Resources

There are many issues that face our youth today, and one of our goals as a counseling center is to provide families with community resources to meet your student’s specific mental health and emotional needs. Though school counselors are available to help students during the school day, our goal is also to empower families to access more comprehensive services.

In addition to many community resources, we have linked some online assistance through articles and links. We hope these resources will help you and your family with your specific needs.

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:  800-273-Talk(8255)
  • Aspen Pointe Crisis Hotline:  844-943-8255
  • Cedar Springs:  719-633-4114
  • Peak View Behavioral:  719-444-8484
  • Safe2Tell: 1-877-542-SAFE(7233) or
  • Second Wind Fund
    • The Second Wind Fund is available for your referrals of students who are at risk for suicide and who are facing social or financial barriers to receiving therapy. To refer a student, call 303-988-2645


Volunteer & Leadership Opportunities

Reasons to volunteer: Pay it forward, Help your community, College and Scholarship Awards

Places to try:

  • Humane Society
  • Penrose Hospital
  • Habitat of Humanity
  • Local Hospitals
  • The Rocky Mountain Field Institute
  • Your church
  • Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
  • Get involved in a cause to help others

Military and Family Life Program

Please fill out the parent consent form from the link below if you would like your student to engage in services or activities with the Military and Family Life Counselor. If you have questions or are interested in services, please contact Trish Wakawa at 719-367-1409 or Thank you!

MFLC Consent Form


BRATZ Club Info
MFLC Information

Individual Career & Academic Plan

What is an ICAP/4 Year Plan of Study?

ICAP is an Individual Career and Academic Plan or plan of study designed to guide students in post-secondary planning and providing individual pathway options. Post-secondary planning assists students with career planning for life. It can include military career options, trade and vocational schooling, two year and four year colleges or the world of work.

Why are ICAPs/Plan of Study’s important?

  • Planning for life after high school is a multi-year process. Mesa Ridge High School Counselors meet with grade level advisory classes to provide valuable resources and information to help students in creating a meaningful ICAP.
  • ICAPs and yearly NAVIANCE tasks are a graduation requirement.
  • When families, students and schools work together, it helps students explore different careers or goals thus creating a successful ICAP/Plan of study while in high school.
  • Postsecondary and Workforce readiness: ICAP is the avenue for students to explore careers and create action steps in meeting career goals. Students complete yearly milestones in the NAVIANCE program to assist with ICAP development.
  • Creating a culture where parents, students, schools, industry professionals and community leaders help students gain knowledge, soft skills and explore pathways are key to creating successful ICAPS.
  • Family role in ICAP
    • Continue to communicate with your student about goals after high school.
    • Be involved and track student’s progress towards graduation and educational/Work/Military goals.
      • Visit NAVIANCE to view your student’s input with interest inventories, game plans and surveys.
      • Based off career interests, you can look at an actual plan of study in NAVIANCE to guide students in the classes to enroll while in high school.
      • You can also look at colleges of interest and gather information regarding financial aid and scholarships.
  • Yearly ICAP development with Mesa Ridge High School Counseling Center
    • Mesa Ridge High School Counselors present valuable information to advisory classes to guide students for success at Mesa Ridge and to plan for their future.
    • Since advisory classes are grade level, Counselors present information appropriate to the grade level for future planning .
    • Counselors provide tasks for students to complete to gain an understanding of individual goals and how these tie to postsecondary goals/planning. These tasks are accessed through the NAVIANCE Program.

Grade level presentations/task completion

  • GRADE 9
    • Review resources for success at MRHS
    • Complete Interest profiler
    • Create ICAP/4 year Plan of Study
    • Create a post-secondary goal
  • GRADE 10
    • Complete a Personality Profile
    • Update ICAP/4 year Plan of Study
    • Review Resume Builder and encourage to start
    • Review and update career goal
  • GRADE 11
    • Update ICAP/4 year Plan of Study & resume
    • Complete the Game Plan and/or College Search
    • Junior Survey
    • Introduce financial resources if applicable
  • Grade 12
    • Add ACT/SAT scores
    • Finalize ICAP/4 year Plan of Study and Resume
    • Post-Secondary Action plan and senior meetings
    • Includes information and guidance of the following:
    • Apply for colleges
    • Apply to scholarships
    • Enlist in Military
    • World of work - Print resume
    • Senior Survey