School To Career (S.T.E.P.)

School To carEer Partnership (STEP) program provides an opportunity for Widefield School District 3 learners to gain career experience through a wide variety of partnerships with businesses, professionals, and agencies in the El Paso County area. Options for students include volunteer, shadows, intern, apprenticeship, and paid work experiences. When possible, these experiences are closely related to the student’s occupational interest areas. We have had successful partnerships with businesses for some time and hope to continue to broaden opportunities for students through the STEP program. At the same time STEP provides businesses and local organizations needed assistance from our students.

All STEP students must be enrolled in a Vocational / Career and Technical Education (CTE) class to receive work study credit. These classes, which were developed by business people and educators, offer self-assessment, career guidance, job skills, and work ethics as part of the curriculum. Students in CTE programs can gain work experience that allows them to apply the specific occupational skills and knowledge they have learned in their course work.

With prior authorization from the STEP Coordinator, juniors (11th grade) and seniors (12th grade) may be able to participate in volunteer options, an internship, and/or apprenticeship. Learners receive one credit for every 108 hours of experience for volunteer/internship/apprenticeship service hours (i.e. legal/court mandated hours "do not" count).

Learners working in paid positions receive one credit for every 135 hours of experience.  

Not to exceed two (2) credits per semester.

Mr. Burgess (Located in the Library Learning Center)
Work-Study Length: Semester or Year
Prerequisite: Work a paid job and provide pay stub
Grades: 11 - 12
Electives Credit(s): Maximum = 2 per semester